Navajo Nation Dependents of Uranium Workers Committee


Uranium Mining for defense purposes in the 1950s caused untold Damage

The Navajo Nation Dependents of Uranium Workers committee is a 
Grassroots group of Widows and Children of Navajo Uranium Miners.

These families have suffered for decades, having lost their spouses, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sons to the legacy of uranium mining. Some died after being exposed to radiation while working in uranium mines in the 1950s. Their families are plagued with mystery illnesses, cancer, genetic abnormalities, kidney disease from contaminated water, and other issues.
The Navajo people have given generously to the war effort over time. The men who worked in the mines were never told about radiation or the dangers of uranium mining - in the name of national security. They brought radiation contamination home to their families each day on their clothes. See the film below to learn more about their struggle.
The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act is coming up for amendments in the Senate and Congress, the passing of Bills S. 3224 and H.R. 5119 would make a big difference in their lives.